Computer Vision

Properly relight any portrait based on the lighting of the new background you add.

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Artificial Intelligence

The next step for view synthesis: Perpetual View Generation, where the goal is to take an image to fly into it and explore the landscape!

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Artificial Intelligence, Research

A curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code

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Even with everything that happened in the world this year, we still had the chance to see a lot of amazing research come out. Especially in the field of artificial intelligence. More, many important aspects were highlighted this year, like the ethical aspects, important biases, and much more. Artificial intelligence and our understanding of the human brain and its link to AI is constantly evolving, showing promising applications in the soon future.

Here are the most interesting research papers of the year, in case you missed any of…

Computer Vision

Breakthrough US Army technology using artificial intelligence to find deepfakes.

While they seem like they’ve always been there, the very first realistic deepfake didn’t appear until 2017. It went from the first-ever resembling fake images automatically generated to today’s identical copy of someone on videos, with sound.


The 3 most interesting AI papers this month with video demos, short articles, code, and paper reference.

Here are the 3 most interesting research papers of the month, in case you missed any of them. It is a curated list of the latest breakthroughs in AI and Data Science by release date with a clear video explanation, link to a more in-depth article, and code (if applicable). Enjoy the read, and let me know if I missed any important papers in the comments, or by contacting me directly on LinkedIn!

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Paper #1:

Total Relighting: Learning to Relight Portraits for Background Replacement [1]

Properly relight any…

Computer Vision

Apply any style to your 4K image in real-time using this new machine learning-based approach!

You’ve all seen these kinds of pictures where a person’s face is “toonified” into an anime character.

Future, Technology

This AI can be applied live to the video game and transform every frame to look much more natural.

GTA5 Gameplay. Richter, Abu AlHaija, Koltun (2021)

What you see here is the gameplay of a very popular video game called GTA 5. It looks super realistic, but it is still obvious that this is a video game.
Now, look at this..

Computer Vision

Generate 3D models of humans or animals moving from only a short video as input.

How hard is it for a machine to understand an image? Researchers have made a lot of progress in image classification, image detection, and image segmentation. These three tasks iteratively deepen our understanding of what’s going on in an image. In the same order, classification tells us what’s in the image. Detection tells us where it is approximately, and segmentation precisely tells us where it is.

Now, an even more complex step would be to represent this image in the real world. In other words, it would be…

Thank you! Unfortunately, no! Google has not released the code or a demo (yet)! :/

Data Visualization

Everything about current deep nets what they’ve done for vision applications. Their successes and the limitations.

Image by the author.
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I explain Artificial Intelligence terms and news to non-experts. Master student, AI Research Scientist, and YouTube speaker.

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