Hi, I am Louis (loo·ee, French pronunciation), from Montreal, Canada, also known as on YouTube or . I am focusing on making AI accessible. I explain AI technologies the best way I can and try to demystify the AI “black box” for everyone.

I now have where I share articles 2 days earlier. I also have a where I share one paper per week, with everything about the paper, a video and article explanation, and the code. Follow my projects or through my !

My most read articles

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More about me…

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I am currently doing my master’s degree in artificial intelligence — computer vision at the while working part-time as the Lead AI Research Scientist at .

For me, a typical day consists of moving a lot, working on different projects, learning, eating, and sleeping at least 8 hours. I am particularly interested in AI, neurosciences, philosophy, nutrition, my cat, and sports in general.

I recently fell in love with books. Please me reading recommendations related to this or the subjects I mentioned above!

If I had one book to recommend reading, it is by Matthew Walker, Ph.D. Just give it a go. It will change your view on sleep forever.

One advice? Do the best you can and don’t stress too much about it; you can’t do more anyways!

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The best way to support me is by being a member of this website or subscribing to my channel on if you like the video format.

Support my work financially on 


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Louis Bouchard

Louis Bouchard

I try to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone. Master student, AI Research Scientist, and YouTube (What’s AI).