Artificial Intelligence

50+ expert meteorologists assessed DeepMind’s new model beating current nowcasting methods in 89% of situations for its accuracy and usefulness

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The most interesting September’s AI breakthroughs with video demos, short articles, code, and paper reference.

Artificial Intelligence

This model can do any video manipulation or video generation application you have in mind!

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Artificial Intelligence

Time Lens can understand the movement of the particles in-between the frames of a video to reconstruct what really happened at a speed even our eyes cannot see.

Artificial Intelligence

An AI For Creative Artists! StyleCLIP Explained

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The 3 most interesting AI papers this month with video demos, short articles, code, and paper reference.

Self-driving Cars

Andrej Karpathy’s talk on Tesla’s autopilot explained clearly in under 10 minutes

Machine Learning

Control GANs outputs based on the simplest type of knowledge you could provide it: hand-drawn sketches.

Generative Adversarial Networks

Machine learning models can now generate new images based on what it has seen from an existing set of images. We can’t really say that the model is creative, as even though the…

Artificial Intelligence

Say goodbye to complex GAN and transformer architectures for image generation. This new method can generate new images from any user-based inputs.

Louis Bouchard

I try to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to everyone. Master student, AI Research Scientist, and YouTube (What’s AI).

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